ReGen Harmony wants YOU to join our virtual choir music video!

If you are between the ages of 13-25, we want you to join us in creating a virtual choir music video featuring voices from around the world! We are excited and hope you are too! Please take a few minutes to watch the video below and thoroughly read through the written instructions for the best result when you record and submit your video. 

The deadline for uploading submissions is 5:00 PM CDT on 4/30/2020.

Recording Your Video 

Step 1: Practice, Practice, Practice!


Rehearse the song!  Practice your part of the song “All My Heart”. Below are the audio files for each voice part, as well as the printable PDF of the sheet music.  Choose your voice part, and use these tools to practice and know it well.


Step 2:  Record your video submission!

To record your submission, you will need  the following 3 things:

1)  A listening device

2) Headphones (with microphone or use built in microphone of your                camera/recording device)

3) A camera/recording device

    You will want to use your front facing camera.

    You may record vertically or horizontally, it’s up to you! 

    You’ll need good lighting, so near a window is good.


Recording notes:

Sound: Find a quiet room. Turn off noisy appliances and fans and make sure you are in a good proximity to the microphone

Framing: Stay centered. Don’t get too close or too far away

Rule of thumb:  18 inches away


What to wear:

Solid colors (NO White)

No logos or words

No slogans or graphic tees

No copyrighted material

Exceptions:  ReGen shirts, Praise & Harmony shirts, Acappella shirts are allowed since we retain the copyrights.  



We DO want you to clap where the music says to clap.  It will help us to sync the videos.



Video Labels:

Before you begin singing on your video, please speak your name and your location clearly.  This will tell us who you are and will also help us to match up your video with your release form.


Make sure your video looks and sounds good.

Make sure you have FUN!!


Step 3:  Submit your recording!

When you have completed your video for submission, click the link at the bottom of this page to upload BOTH your video AND your release form.  ••When you upload your release form and video file, be sure to use your name as the file names to help us quickly identify and match videos to release forms. 

Release Forms:

You MUST fill out a release form, (have your parent or guardian sign it if you are under 18) and submit it with your video. We cannot use your video if we do not have your release form.


The deadline for uploading files is 5:00 PM CDT on 4/30/2020.

ReGenHarmony Team


Melissa Lancaster - executive producer

Anthony Lancaster - producer

Aaron Shotts - musical director

Jerry & Debra Woosley - recording managers

Anne & Natalie Jones- social media managers

Stephanie Harding - web manager

Ryan Smith - videography

Tel: 615.855.1770





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